Baby Ethan

Ethan Preston Wright
the BEST Mother's Day Gift EVER

Ethan came early, yay! I really wanted him to, and he came in the most perfect way! Seriously, I couldn't have planned it better myself. Because Austin came so fast last time, I was nervous about getting to the hospital quick for a couple reasons. First, because I wanted an epidural! And second, I was strep b positive, so the Dr kept insisting I go to the hospital asap since I need the antibiotics for 4 hours before delivery. I wasn't sure how it was all going to play out, and tried to not think too much about the timing and everything. I scheduled an induction for Tuesday, May 15th. The week prior I kept thinking he would maybe come in the next day or two, with lots of contractions. But they never got painful, and would always stop in the evening. On Sunday morning, Mother's Day, we got up to get ready for church at 9am. I had taken a shower and getting ready, when my water broke. No gush or anything, and no contractions what so ever. My sister came to get the kids, we packed everything and headed to the hospital. I maybe felt one contraction on the way, but definitely nothing painful. We got to the hospital by 10am, while making a phone call to my mom on the way. I checked in, got everything settled, and even moved to the real labor room. With Austin, we had him in the little tiny triage room, still not sure how everyone and everything fit into that room. Everything was easy going, no rush. They put in the IV, and started antibiotics at 11am.
At around 11:30 they told me I could get the epidural before the pitocin even started, but I would need to get it by 12:15 because the anesthetist was doing a csection at 12:30. I had a hard time deciding, not wanting to be on an epidural for a long time, not knowing how long the induction would take. When I got to the hospital I was only dilated to 2.5 and 70% effaced, just like what I had been for weeks. The Dr recommended getting the epidural, so I did. AND GLAD I WAS! It was SO AMAZING! Seriously, I have no idea what I was thinking when I even considered for .2 seconds about having this baby natural (I considered that before I got pregnant, as soon as that test was positive I had no mental or physical strength in me to even consider it). So I was on the antibiotics for 1.5 hours, got the epidural at 12:30, before I had a single painful contraction, and before the pitocin started, how amazing is that! At 12:50 pm they started the pitocin. After the epidural was put in I felt completely relaxed, so relaxed I laid on my side and slept, kind of, for the next few hours. I kept telling the nurse how tired I was, and how nice the epidural felt. She said there was nothing in the epidural to make me drowsy, but lots of women feel that way, she thinks its because you are so uncomfortable for so long, that the epidural makes you feel so relaxed because you are finally comfortable. Whatever it was, if, and that's a BIG IF, we have another baby, I am getting the epidural, no doubt! By 3pm I started feeling some pain in my low pelvis. I had been feeling the contractions at the top of my uterus, but no pain at all. This was different, and uncomfortable. So I sat up, from the nurses recommendation, to let the epidural go down with gravity. She said when I started feeling pressure below, to tell her. Not 15 minutes later, there was the pressure. At 3 when I sat up, I asked her to check my cervix, she didn't want to, but I wanted to know my progression. I was at 7cm. 15 minutes later, the babies head was there. Also by this time I had gotten all the antibiotics, perfect! So at 3:15 they started setting everything up, they were quick too. Almost too quick to really realize what was happening, and so fast. But the pain in my low pelvis wasn't fun, so the Dr said "lets get that baby out and the pain will be gone". Good thinking. I pushed 3 or 4 times for every contraction, and he was out in 3 contractions. Awesome! Ethan Preston Wright was born at 3:25 pm, weighting in at 8 lbs exactly, and 20 inches long. My biggest baby yet. Brynn was 7 lbs 5 oz, Austin only 1 more ounce than her. I knew Ethan was bigger, I was a lot more uncomfortable with him. And it felt so nice the second he came out. Awwww, I had space in my abdomen again.
Ethan was quiet when he came out, so much so I kept asking if he was ok. He was 100% ok, and even peed on the nurse, and cried out loud when she poked him with the vitamin k shot.
Ethan, Shane, and I had a couple hours to ourselves. I was able to eat and get up before they moved us to the recovery floor. Shane went with Ethan to have his bath, while I just sat in a daze. I couldn't believe how pain free, perfect timing, and everything it was. I had even taken a shower right before, and was all ready to go. And shhhh, I was even able to not have to put on dang maternity church clothes again. I know its funny, but I was dreading getting dressed for church one more time, those clothes are especially uncomfortable and I was getting real sick of them.
The first day, we thought Ethan was PERFECT. Then night came. It still wasn't too hard, and he went into the nursery the 2nd half of it. I was completely exhausted the whole time in the hospital. This recovery, along with the pregnancy, was the hardest. The 2nd day he wanted to be held a lot, too bad I was alone a lot of it since Shane was helping with the other kids, etc. The 2nd night was harder. Did I mention Ethan was amazing at nursing, from the time he came out, he immediately nursed like a pro, for 45 minutes even. By the 2nd night he was still a pro, and wanting the real stuff, not just drips of fake milk. After nursing for a many times, thinking he would be fine, we sent him off to the nursery 2 times to take advantage of the night care. Both times, he came back screaming. They would try for a hour both times, and each time I would nurse him some more, get him asleep, go back, and bam...screaming. So we broke down and gave him a little formula, but that wasn't enough, more screaming after more nursing. So we gave him another 40 ml. That was enough, he was in the nursery from 3am to 8. Awww, sleep is good. I was about to nurse him when they wheeled him off for a procedure. Then he was out for hours after that as well. So he didn't eat again until 1pm. Weird.
We went home Tuesday and the kids were so excited. Everything was fun, and hectic, and hard. Then that night was ninightmarish. Shane and I took turns. He just wasn't content. Since then things have been better progressively each day. The milk man delivered, and he is much more content. Ethan can eat, we are predicting a big boy with lots of growth, and lots of time nursing. What has helped tremendously is my mom. Honestly, we could not be surviving without her. She is cooking, cleaning, helping Brynn and Austin, AND taking Ethan at night. I am dreading Sunday when she leaves and Shane goes back to work the next day. I am trying to convince her to stay another day, help me during the day while Shane is gone.
And I am finally feeling somewhat human again. Although the pain meds are still being used, and I have lots of complaints. I will keep those off this blog ;)
Below are lots of photos to enjoy.

Just before heading to the hospital

Just minutes after the birth of Ethan

Brynn and Austin meeting Ethan for the first time. They were so excited! The day has finally come to meet their brother.

 Ethan ready to go home. I love little boys in rompers!
The kids greeting us at home

Brynn made a cute book for Ethan. When we got home she had it wrapped in paper towels. I kept asking her who helped her make the book, and she kept telling me she did it all by herself. Grandma Haley insisted she didn't help her either. I just couldn't believe it. So for a couple days, I kept asking, how she wrote everything all by herself. 2 days later I was asking in detail what she copied to write the words. Then she finally told me that Emi had actually written the words, and that the last page she had written by herself. The first few pages were: first is A, then B, etc. On the last page was the whole alphabet scribbled. Brynn had colored the whole thing in, and then wrote the last page. It finally all made sense! For a couple days I thought Brynn was pure genius. She is...but not that genius.

Our first outing when Ethan was 4 days old. After getting his bilirubin tested we went to feed some ducts and have a lunch. So nice to get out and walking, my butt is still numb from sitting so much.
I forget how many diapers you change, Ethan has gone through ever single outfit we put on after only a couple hours, or minutes. He is definitely digesting all that milk very, very well.

And lots more pictures to come, if I can keep this up ;)


Lainey said...

Congratulations!! So glad he came early! I am hoping to be as lucky. Hope you are recovering well and getting some sleep.

JillEE said...

Congrats! He looks amazing. Glad everything went smoothly. Still hoping to meet him some time this summer!

The Sullengers said...

Mags he is beautiful! I love hearing a positive birth story! Makes me have hope for my next one! I loved this post! I hope you adjust to 3 easy

Kari-Lynn said...

Ya he is here:) I hope things get better. Enjoy your little man...PS, I really like his name...we considered that name with both our boys.

wrightNOW said...

What a beatufiul baby. I am SO glad that everything went well and your delivery was a wonderful experience. You are so lucky he came early! 8 lbs is a big baby! Nice work momma. You look so amazing in your pics too!

Best Wishes...can't wait to meet him!

Jessica said...

he is SOOO cute!!! and you look fantastic in your hospital pics. you don't even look like you had a baby!

i hope everything settles down with him quickly! i'm sure your mom has been such a big help. i'm so glad everything worked out so well with the timing of when he was born. that's how i felt with alex, too. and i totally know what you mean about the church maternity clothes at the end. (that's why i don't think i went at all for the last month of jane's pregnancy. hahahaha.)

TJN said...

Congrats to you guys!! So happy for you!

Kristen said...

I love that this experience was completely opposite than last when Austin came so fast. You earned it! Good luck and I'll call you soon to bring dinner down. I'm excited to meet him!

Becky said...

Thanks for Sharing Margie. He is such a doll and I'm glad everything went well. Hang in there, it's so tough at first. I love the name. :) Can't wait to meet him.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful baby! Congrats. You look great Margie.

The Haley Family said...

So precious! I am dying that we are not close enough to visit often! He is beautiful and so happy it went so well! love and miss you guys!

Liz said...

yay, Margie! That was such a fun post to read. I love to hear all the details! I always say it takes me a good 6 weeks to feel like I can handle everything. It's a shock every time! Especially the lack of sleep. I am so glad the delivery went well and smooth compared to Austen. Congratulations Margie and Shane! I can't wait to see him in person. :)

Liz said...

**Austin....sorry. And you look fabulous by the way!

TheEminethClan said...

Congrats! He is perfect! Your family is growing and you all look very well and healthy! I'm very happy for you guys!!

TheEminethClan said...

Congrats! He's perfect! your family is growing, you all look well and healthy! I'm glad you had a great birthing experience... Many blessing to you guys!

Brittany said...

He is so beautiful! And Brynn looks so grown up! What cute kids you have. I didn't think you even looked big in your pre-delivery photo. Glad things went better this time around! :)